Angela is an Iraq veteran who suffered terrible pain from leg spasms that would leave her immobile for hours on end. She would often dread leaving home, for fear of being uncomfortable or having leg spasms. Angela says her Extreme X8 changed her life; it gave her the confidence to leave the house, and even explore outside while knowing she would stay comfortable, and that the chair could go the distance

Angela has trouble picking just one favourite feature on her Extreme X8. She says the powerchair is so valuable to her because of the combination of all of the features.
“Being paraplegic and also losing more and more upper body strength makes being outdoors a challenge,” Angela says.
“My Extreme X8 makes it possible for me to get out and about on different terrain. It’s very therapeutic for me.”

Each summer, Angela visits friends from the New York City Fire Department in Long Beach, NY. Her friends used to get Angela a beach wheelchair, to help her get out on the sand, and while she was grateful to be out there, she still felt trapped in the one spot. In her Extreme X8, she can get out on the sand independently.

Angela’s Extreme X8 gave her the confidence to get back outdoors without fear “I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know if it would actually work, but then I let it rip and off I went along the beach! I was like a kid at Christmas riding all over the place.”

“It was such an intense feeling! I was high on freedom I hadn’t felt in a long time.”

Angela is also able to do more activities with her son, like spending time with him at the beach and even coaching his baseball team.

She used to fear leaving the house, in case she had a leg spasm. Her Extreme X8 was customised with the recline feature, so she’s able to adjust her position and stop leg spasms no matter where she is.

“I felt empowered again because I knew I would be able to get back out and do the things I missed without the fear of my body forcing me to leave.

“My Extreme X8 has my back!”

Angela chose a green body for her wheelchair, and she calls it the ‘Green Monster’ after Boston’s famous Fenway Park baseball park. She says her powerchair opened her eyes to a whole realm of possibilities and allows her to spend more time with her friends and family. Beyond that, she says her Extreme X8 has given her hope that she and other disabled veterans will be able to rebuild their lives by getting back into the things they love.


Confidence to trailblaze, comfort to live in

Gary describes himself as a veteran who has always been an outdoors kind of guy. He loves hunting, camping, blazing a new trail and is always up for a challenge. Gary also needs a power wheelchair that he can use around the house.

The Frontier V6 All Terrain (AT) is the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor adventurers.

Gary has had his Magic Mobility powerchair for more than 5 years and says it has changed his life because of the independence and experiences

Gary loves a challenge in his power chair he has in it.

“I wanted a powerchair that was equally at home indoors and out,” Gary says. “The versatility of the Frontier V6 AT is amazing. I can go off-road into the woods with confidence.”

The key to Gary’s independence is a power wheelchair that’s reliable and dependable, but he also needs something with good range, lots of power, and that’s versatile.

While Gary uses his powerchair at home, he equally loves to blaze his own trail off-road.

“I have adventures every time I go out. I’ve always liked hunting and camping. I love going where there are no sidewalks, cutting across fields and through the woods.”

The Frontier V6 AT can adapt to most environments, so is the ideal all terrain mid-wheel drive (MWD). Built on a robust frame, the Frontier V6 AT’s size means it has great indoor capabilities. The low-pressure knobby tyres provide a smoother ride with improved off-road capacity, and improved climbing ability.

With an 800W gear in line motor, the Frontier V6 has the power to meet Gary’s off-road challenges. Gary says he has confidence in his powerchair because he has tested its abilities indoors and outdoors.

“It has met and exceeded my expectations. I’ve put many miles and hours on it. I take care of it, but I admit that I am hard on it.

“It has never broken down on me, or let me down. It has always gotten me home, and that’s important.”