Specialised technology to enable and improve ability and capability

Assistive technology provides solutions to empower the user to activate devices enabling them to perform everyday tasks, activities and communication. From computer access, home automation, mobile devices, alarms, toys to wheelchairs and more– assistive technology can open up a new world.

A wide range of switches are available from highly sensitive to heavy duty, small to large - depending on preference and dexterity, variable pressure, waterproof, wearable or mounted, bright colours to discreet, proximity sensor to Bluetooth, foot, hand, chin, infrared, touch or sound.

The vast range includes;

  • Communication

  • Computers

  • Switches

  • Environmental Control

  • Accessories & Cables

  • Mounting for Switches

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Assistive Technology Brochure

Communication, Computers, Switches, Environmental Control, Accessories & Cables, Mounting for Switches.

assistive Technology

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